Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Hamsters

Our hamsters are called Nudge and Budge.

They are adopted hamsters,we got given them at February half term and they have become part of the family.

They love to play in their wheel and for such small creature they are incredibly noisy!

Chipmunk loves Nudge and Budge and one of the first things he asks when he wakes up is "So what did Nudge and Budge do last night?"
And the answer usually is "Play in their wheel!"

Chipmunk has got a book about hamsters from the library and we have read it many times,he likes these following lines

"you can brush your hamsters fur with a old toothbrush"

"Close all doors and windows when you let your hamsters out"

"Let the hamster sniff your fingers so they can get used to you"

They are very cute pets :-)

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