Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Would My Daughter Be Dressed Like.
I have three much loved sons who I wouldn't swap for all the tea in china but I'm going to play a dreamy game here and talk about what my daughter would wear if I had ever had one. 

Well as a baby she would have wore white - don't all babies wear white?

But she would have also wore pink....delicate baby pink. 

I know that's not a fashionable thing to say as I hear lots of people not wanting their little girls in pink but I'm going to buck that trend and say my baby daughter would have been mainly been dressed in white and pink. 

I would have wanted her to be snuggly and comfy but I would have put her in dresses too! With either tights or little socks,little socks with frills around or pretty bows on them. How cute are they. 

And these days you can get those lovely soft headbands for baby girls hair. I wouldn't have put those in a lot but I bet I would have tried them out occasionally. 

As she grew older I would have broadened the colours she wore into more pretty pastel colours...lemons,lilacs etc
It's not that I dislike strong colours at all,I just like babies to be babies and dressed accordingly. I think they have all the time in the world to grow up and dress trendily in jeans etc and while they are so very tiny I prefer them to just look like babies. Cute little babies.

I love the variety you get with girls. You can go dresses,skirts,leggings,jeans,
dungarees all kinds of stuff. With boys it's just trousers really.

And the accessories! Wow!

headbands and then necklaces and bracelets. All colour coordinated to their outfits,what fun I would have had buying those.

And that leads me onto shoes. Girls shoes are so cute & sparkly. I would want lovely but sensible ones for nursery and trainers for outdoor fun and then 
( this is the fun bit) party shoes for special occasions. I love sparkly stuff and I would want pretty pretty party shoes. 

 I love the flowing skirts from Monsoon with the pretty detailed sequins on them and the white simplicity of broadanglais summer dresses and funnily enough I love to see little girls in footy kits.

I wouldn't want a prima donna of a girl,someone who thought too much about their appearance and refused to get dirty.

I would value the kind of girl who didn't mind playing rough and tumble in the garden and who would wear shorts and tee shirts and get as grubby as kids who play get. Because I believe clothes wash and I don't like the worry I see on lots of nursery children's faces when they get dirty and then worry about what their mums will say to them. And believe me even in this day and age I do see that quite regularly.

No,I would like to dress a girl up but know that whatever happened to those clothes was ok because I as an adult had put the child in them and I truly believe children are meant to play and sometimes play is a mucky,grubby business.

To me there is so much choice with girls. And I know I would have loved the prettiness of it all.

So there we have it,that's how I would have dressed my daughter.

Any mums of girls out there? Do you enjoy dressing your daughters? What do you like best about dressing a girl? Do you go trendy or traditional or a mix of both? Let me know and have a chance to join in with some girly talk!


  1. This is so funny as I have a daughter and dressed her in pink and white lots! I think girls look adorable in pink although, as you say above, lots of my friends refuse to dress their girls in 'girl' colours. I think girls can wear pink AND do anything boys can do :) Doing it in high heels as the song says!
    Great post #PoCoLo

    1. Yay!!!! Hello fellow pink dresser! I do love other colours but I do like pink! And I would have fun dressing a girl up and letting them scruffy around too! I like that you dressed your daughter in pink sometimes but obviously realised that just because she was wearing pink she could still do 'whatever'
      Isn't half the fun of having a girl dressing them
      :-) thanks for commenting x

  2. Jess you have a blog.... How have I missed this! :)

    1. Hey...hello! Yep for good or worse I have a blog!My own little bit of cyber space!Please come and visit it again :-)

  3. I definitely did ALL of this to Grace - who wouldn't if they had a girl?! My favourites were clothes from Next - she had some beautiful stuff from there and really reasonably priced too. I sometimes wonder how I'd dress a boy! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Hiya Vic! Exactly! Thats what girls are made for...kinda! I do appreciate not everyone wants a pinkety,girly,girl but just a touch of pink never harmed anyone,did it. I also liked the Next range for children and to be truthful I think I would have spent much more money if I had had girls instead of my boys!