Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eek!A Wobbly Mess!

On Tuesday what a mess we had!

Chipmunks water snake burst in bed,all over the sheets,all over the duvet and unbeknown to me all over Chipmunk!

The said water snake was bright red with glitter in it!And it spread everywhere!

Chipmunk hurried down stairs when he woke up to show me what had happened and I thought " whoops " but just thought I would have to clear it up later.

I didn't realise the full extent of the mess until Chipmunk was getting his school uniform on and I noticed his legs were bright red/pink and then I noticed it was on his back and his bottom and his arm!

I tried scrubbing him with a hot flannel and lots of soap but it only came off a bit.

There was nothing else for it,Chipmunk had to go to school red!

Luckily most of the redness was covered up with Chipmunks uniform and later that night he had a nice warm bubbly bath and that took away the last of the redness!

It even dyed Owly and he had to have a wash in the washer,poor Owly.
Here he is looking decidedly pink!

We now have a new rule

*No More Water Snakes's In Bed*

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