Wednesday, June 22, 2011


On Monday I was watching a tv programme about a woman who had quads ~ 4 identical little girls and she consistently dressed them in matching clothes.

This got me thinking about when the boys were young,especially when Tiger and Sharky were young as I used to match their clothing a lot!

They always had a matching coat and gloves and hat each year.

They always had a new England kit each year.

I loved stripey tee shirts and I can really remember them having red and white stripey tee shirts from Next,they wore those shirts to pieces because I just loved how they looked!

They had matching socks too and it made sorting their socks a terrible job as they were just slightly different sizes so you had to look so carefully to match them up correctly!

I just loved how they looked when they matched!Proper brothers!

All their early school photos had them in matching clothes and when I look back at them it really makes me smile now.

I was thinking how early I started matching them and think it was before Sharky was one year old as I can remember them at Cornwall just before Sharky's first birthday and they were in the red stripey shirts!

Now if I ever see little children in matching clothes it makes me smile and remember those two little boys whose mummy made them match :-)

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