Monday, June 6, 2011

Back To School

Well a week passes quickly when you are having fun and school comes around again!

It's the last half of the summer term,we have just 6 weeks and 3 days to do!
In that time there will be a sports day,transition to junior school,special leavers assemblies for Chipmunk, exams and work experience for Sharky,lots & lots of stuff!

Today went ok,weather was fine,always a plus!

Chipmunk had new trousers on,that I had painstakingly taken up last night.
It was worth the effort though as he said they were very comfy.

Sharky said the exam went ok and Chipmunk came home with 3 letters;
1. He's got in football and
photography club.

2. Letter from Juniors about
school uniform

3. A big newsletter full of dates
and fun events coming up
this half term.

Chipmunk said they had been allowed on the school field at playtimes,which is a sign that summer term is here.
Long may the dry weather continue,it's nice to see the kids playing on the field and grass is softer than concrete :-)

One of the games Chipmunk was playing on the field was *Bulldog*
it's a kind of tiggy game where the person who's on is *the bulldog* and when they tig someone then they are the bulldog.
Chipmunk likes this game!

After tea Chipmunk read to page 14 of his new book *The Two Giants* and did a jigsaw,he also played musical freeze whilst listening to Justin Beiber singing Baby ( one of his favourite songs at the moment )

Yes we have one piece missing from this jigsaw but it doesn't seem to bother Chipmunk!

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