Monday, June 27, 2011

Church Youth Club

It was a really busy week last week,lots of clubs and activities after school,really enjoyable though.

On Friday Chipmunk went to the church youth club.
He goes there once every three weeks and really enjoys it.They do lots of different things and today the main activity was baking.
The children were given some cookie dough and they rolled it flat,cut out a shape and then popped it in the oven to bake.

Chipmunk made two star shapes and when they had baked he decorated them and ate them both up :-)

The next day he said to that he had wanted to bring one home to show me but they were so delicious he decided to eat them both! I had to smile at that comment! To be honest they did smell very eatable!

The children played a game of dodge ball which was extremely boisterous and talked about the Lords Prayer.

Chipmunk put two bags of coins in the collecting bottle,his mamma had saved those for him to take.It took a long time to post all those coins,it was a good job that he had help from one of his school friends.

The night passed happily and Chipmunk had a good time.

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