Sunday, June 5, 2011

At the duck pond

The so called *duck pond* is a place that is special to me and Chipmunk.We visit there regularly,mostly once a week.It's not a duck pond at all,it's a nature reserve with a big lake and all kinds of different ducks,geese,swans and fish,its just that when I first started taking Chipmunk there I nicknamed it *The Duck Pond* and it's stuck ever since

The duck pond is everything I like about a trip out with children,it's a trip out in the fresh air,it's very green and quite cool and sheltered due to the trees so even on a hot day it's possible to walk round the duck pond and not get too hot and bothered ~ on a blustery day you get blown to pieces!There's a lot of talking that can be done at the duck pond,talking about the different types of ducks,Chipmunk likes to see the different colours on the ducks necks and heads,we watch when the babies start to come out (this is always a favourite thing to watch)we look at how nature changes rapidly and that is unbelievable and never ceases to amaze Chipmunk and me.
Oh and the duck pond has a cafe which sells all kinds of little treats,Chipmunk will run quite a way round the pond to see if the cafe is open!

Thursday was a hot day,I had my hoody on (big mistake,by the time I got home I was
sweltering)luckily Chipmunk had a tee shirt on under his hoody so he was not too hot (unlike his hot
and bothered poor mum!)

Things had grown so much that Chipmunk couldn't even find his favourite hidey space it was completely covered in grass and the dreaded nettles!

We had a slow walk round and fed lots of hungry ducks,we buy seed for the ducks as it keeps them healthy but sometimes we do give them a little bit of bread.
The cafe was not open so we carried on walking round the lake when all of a sudden Chipmunk saw some baby goslings.We were feeding the bigger geese at the time when Chipmunk shrieked "Babies" as you can imagine the geese were very protective of their young goslings
and did a fair bit of moving menacingly close to us,this did alarm Chipmunk and he wanted to move back quickly!He described it as "flocking" and wasn't at all keen if the geese moved to close,although having said that he did start to giggle when he was in a safe distance away from the geese and their angry beaks!

We finished the rest of our walk peacefully and ended it by feeding a group of swans.
It was a good trip out,fresh air and exercise and a look at nature can't be beat in my eyes:-)

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