Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Fun

Today we went swimming.It is my aim for Chipmunk to go swimming as much as possible,he has weekly lessons and in the holidays I like him to go at least once a week if not more.This holidays he has been twice so I'm pleased with that.

We went to the swimming baths where he has his weekly lesson so it is a very familiar place for us,we are getting dab hands at the swimming lark,we have a designated swimming bag,with talc,armbands,change for the locker,always at the ready just to make swimming easier & not such a chore.

Today Chipmunk had a good go at getting himself undressed which I always like to see and was soon ready to swim.
We went in the training pool as I think that's the best pool to swim & play in and Chipmunk did lots of different things.We did practice swimming a bit but mostly Chipmunk wanted to play,so play we did!
We used a watering can to sink a boat,Chipmunk spent ages working out the best way to pour water on the boat to make it sink,he finally found out that it sunk quickest if you poured the water through the windows.
We then had so much fun with a ball.Chipmunk kept pushing the ball under the water and letting it go,this really made him giggle and he spent ages playing with it.

Chipmunk went on the little slide and was pleased when I caught him and then we ventured into the waves!Well we were bashed about by the waves and Chipmunks face had that squinty little look that I like but we did survive!

On our journey home we sat happily on the bus eating a big bag of fruit pastilles,a rare treat for Chipmunk,it was a lovely relaxing end to a great afternoon out :-)

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