Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chipmunks Animal Friends

Chipmunk seems to collect a variety of animal friends!

There is Sooty who is a black and white cat that lives on the next street to us.
Every day Chipmunk will look to see if Sooty is out and if so Chipmunk will stroke her. She is a very yappy little cat!

Then there is Biscuit,she is also a cat and she lives next to school!
Biscuit sometimes actually sneaks into the school grounds which causes a great fuss when Chipmunk and his friends see her!She is very friendly and likes to be stroked.

Then on our street lives Max,he is a little black dog who is Chipmunks partner in crime when they get together!
Chipmunk likes to entice Max into our home where he dashes about until his owner fetches him out.
Max even sent Chipmunk a birthday card with money in it,they are great friends :-)

Another great animal friend is Teddy the dog.He is very small,fluffy and white and Chipmunk loves him!
Sometimes Chipmunk is allowed to hold Teddys lead and take him for a walk!

As you can see Chipmunk loves animals :-)

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