Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Magic potion!

On Saturday Chipmunk & I decided to play in his water tray.

I made Chipmunk a water tray last year out of a big old sandpit and it's just the right height for him as all the commercially bought ones were to small for Chipmunk.

To make the water interesting I used red food colouring & strawberry essence so it looked good and smelt delicious!
I also added bubbles so it was extra exciting.
The toys Chipmunk played with were mainly clear so you could see the red water through them.

Chipmunk had a jug and some bottles and a huge bucket and he decided to make poisonous potion!

I thought the mix looked like strawberry milkshake but obviously Chipmunk thought different!

He spent ages mixing and pouring the *potion* and got absolutely saturated!

But as always with water Chipmunk had fun and I enjoyed watching him play :-)

I'm going to enhance Chipmunks water play by using different coloured water,different smells and some clear objects like funnels and tubes and I'm going to do some simple science experiments like floating and sinking.

Exciting times ahead!

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