Monday, June 13, 2011


Well today was great!Chipmunk woke up at 5.45 with the words "This is going to be the best day of my life"

He had breakfast and then went
to wake Tiger and Sharky up.
After getting dressed he went to sit in the car and we were ready to go!
After a bit of a swap round Chipmunk was put in the back with me and off we went.

The journey was good and Chipmunk was really well behaved and it didn't seem to long before we arrived at Silverstone.

We went and stood quite close to the track at first and Chipmunk was very happy to stand and watch the bikes roar past,it was only when the Moto Gp Bikes came out that he decided it was too loud and put his headphones on.

We walked to another spot a bit later and on the way there saw lots of shuttle buses and even people with cones on their heads

We set up camp and Chipmunk
enjoyed the picnic,a really big ice cream and wrestling around with Sharky!

Tiger got went exploring and got some great photos of the bike riders and 5 cans of free monster!He was suitably pleased!

The sun shone most of the day and we all came home with a bit of a tan!
It was a great day out :-)

Rossi Flags

Look at the big clouds!

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