Monday, June 6, 2011

Introducing The Boys :-)

I'm always a bit dubious putting the boys names and photos on the Internet so for the blog I was left wondering what to call them.

I could have chose just any old false name but I wanted it to mean something to me so I've had my thinking cap on!
I've got it now though :-) I'm going to use the nicknames that they boys had when they were little, so here goes;

My eldest boy will be named *Tiger* this is because he used to say to everyone he met "My real name is .... but my daddy calls me Tiger"
It still makes me smile to think of him saying that.
Tiger is nearly grown up now,18years old and leader of the rugrats!

My middle boy will be named *Sharky* When he was born he wasn't given his proper name until he was at least a month old,as we deliberated over what he should be called.
We called him Sharky because he looked like a shark when he fed!This is really true!
Sharky is now 14yrs old and a lively member of the family!

My youngest boy will be called *Chipmunk*.
He didn't have a nickname to be honest so I chose the name of one of his favourite pets (he calls his cuddly toys *pets*).
He is 7yrs old and quite a character!

So that's the boys in a nutshell!Let the adventures begin!

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