Tuesday, July 30, 2013


"Look it's open" said the mummy,to her little boy.
"Shall we cross the road and go and see what's to enjoy?"

"No!" shrieked the little boy,in his most indignant voice.
"It's the weekend,I'm not going there,I do have a choice.''

"I don't want to go to school.
I want to go and play.
What little boy wants to go to school on a Saturday?"

"You're right," smirked his mummy,with a wicked grin,
"I just forgot and thought you might like to do some extra work to help you win."

"Think of how clever you would be with all those extra hours,
Why you would be top of the class and almost have super powers."

The little boy shook his head,full of bouncy curls,
"No way!" he said
"I've been at school all week long,
I'm off to the park instead."

"Ok," smiled the mummy,
"I totally agree,"
"There is no school for you today,
Let's go and climb some trees!"

This conversation is totally true,
And has been had for many years.
We always joke about those open school gates,
And then walk by without any cares!


Written for the prompt Open over at Two Shoes Tuesday


  1. the door was open but no one came in...a lot of opportunities missed..but hey I agree with the boy..trees need love too..

    nice thoughts in this post

    1. Yes indeed George,trees definitely need love! Thank you for your comments,they were muchly appreciated

  2. Replies
    1. Hee! Yep smart kiddo! Thanks for commenting Zoe :-)

  3. Jess this was such a delightful poem! It made me smile broadly at the end of day. I loved school when I was young and was never sad to be there, but I loved my play time even more, and trees are the very best of friends! This was a wonderful addition to TST, thank you so much for sharing it with us! :-)

    1. Thanks Josie! I struggled to find a good connection with the words last week and twirled them around a lot! And then bam,we passed the school gates and Chips said 'Schools open' and our game began and I thought OPEN. Ta dah the poem started to live! I work down at the school and Chips attends the school at the side and although I love my job to pieces,school is not a place either of us want to go to on a Saturday! Hence our 'schools open' game.

  4. I wouldn't want to go to school on Saturday either...truthfully I never wanted to go to school any day!

    1. That sounds just like Chips,Patricia. School is not his favourite place at all! He prefers to be at home with his family and I prefer him with me to be honest :-)

  5. I'm with the little boy. It's off to the park for me too. Very well done.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Thanks Sandee,your words mean a lot to me. I'm not a very confident poem writer but I do like to give it a go. My thinking is that with practice I may improve and I like the way poems dance,if you know what I mean!

  6. Very sweet poem. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks Ann! As I was just saying to Sandee,I'm not at all a confident poem writer but I do like to play with words and I like the words to flow. And I'm finding out that poems make words flow and dance and that's what I like. I also think that with practice I may become better at this poem
      lark,only time will tell!