Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You Will Never Notice The Difference...
Well actually he did!

A couple of weeks ago Sharky said we should swap Chipmunks favourite cereal

to these.......

''He will never notice the difference,'' he said.

''Think of the money you will save,'' he said.

''We don't have expensive proper cereal'' he said ''oh no we have to have the own brand stuff.''

And I had to agree...he was right!

So I took the plunge and bought the cheaper box of Shreddie type cereal and talked myself into believing he would never notice the difference.

On Sunday morning I poured the new cereal into Chipmunks dish and took it through to him.
He took one bite and looked surprised,then another bite and burst into tears.

"Mummy there is something wrong with my cereals" he said tearfully.

How bad did I feel!!!Worst mother in the world bad! 

I asked him why he didn't like his Shreddies and he said they tasted wrong.
So I swapped him back to the original Shreddies and felt slightly awful that I had made him cry.

He then ate all his Shreddies up without any problems.

Meanwhile Sharky was grinning away in the corner!Not gonna listen to you next time matey!

Good job he's not a taste taster isn't it!


  1. Oh, great! You know who will have to eat up those rejected Shreddies, don't you?

    1. Well Kate I should have made the instigator eat them,shouldnt I?!? Instead I gave them to my mum and dad!And now the original Shreddies are on sale at Morrisons..guess how many boxes I will be buying...lots!!!