Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Transfer Window
Any footy fans out there reading this blog,if so raise your hand if you know what the Transfer Window is?

As a household of boys transfer window day is hugely important.
Its the day when all the football players who want a new club are shiftied around and Sky Sport spend the whole day reporting every single thing that perspective 'movers' do.

The Sky Sports reporters go and haunt the footy grounds and try and interview anything that moves.You see them early in a morning till late at night,just stood there...come rain,sun,wind,snow,probably even tornado or earthquake those guys would not move from their given spot because you never know when a amazing transfer deal may happen.

I hate Transfer Window day.I don't like the clock ticking down,I don't like the repetitive music they play,I don't like the same old news being played hour after hour after hour,I just find it oh so over the top and a lot of fuss over nothing but T loves it and has it on at every given chance.

Me and S really take the Mickey out of it.

I mean what is a transfer window?

We imagine a window that is open that the player has to climb through and when the reporter starts saying that the window is closing,we imagine a player scrambling frantically through the window,desperate to get to the other side.

S said he thinks of a Stars In Your Eyes kinda thing,where the player climbs through the window as a Man U player and walks out at Anfield as a Liverpool player... tonight Wayne Rooney you are going to be... a Liverpool player... 
ta daah.

I think of it like a anomaly in Primeval,a shining glittering light that the players go through and come out the other side wearing a new footy kit and swapping allegiances to a entirely different footy team... tah daaah again!

I can see a certain humour in it but you can bet by evening time I will want to put my earphones in and zone out from it for sure.

Any views on the transfer window?Does anybody else even know what I'm talking about?Or is it just in our house that the transfer window rules?

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