Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Had such a funny start to the morning today.

Well it amused me...lots... I was laughing out loud for real,all on my own in the kitchen,really giggly laughter that makes your tummy ache.

I guess to most people it will not seem funny,it was just how it caught me at the time and how my brain works ( pretty random ) at times,actually most of the time.

I was chattering away on Twitter and someone mentioned the word Nazgul and I said

"What's a Nazgul?"

Their reply came back as;

*tuts VERY loudly & rolls eyes*
"Tell me, have you ever really actually ever maybe sort of watched Lord of the Rings?"

And that was when the penny dropped...of course a Nazgul came from Lord Of The Rings and I have always said how much I love Lord Of The Rings...how could I have been so dense....

I just laughed and laughed.

I thought of my Tiger loving Lord Of The Rings and dressing up in cloaks every school dressing up day and pretending to be Aragon and co,along with his friends pretending to be the other characters and his cousin being a Nazgul himself!How they used to dash around that playground wearing their cloaks and replaying death defying stunts from the book and the film.

I thought of me being so enthralled by the film and then not knowing some of the main characters in it!What a dingbat!

And then young Chipmunk walked down the stairs and blow me down,he was wearing Tigers old Lord Of The Rings pj's. That set the giggles off again!

Tiger came down stairs and I said

"What's a Nazgul?"

And he gave me the look, the one that says

"Mum are you real!!!!
Its 7.30am,I can hardly open my eyes.
I have a full day at work,I don't even know who Iam yet.
 And of course a Nazgul is from Lord Of The Rings!"

If looks could transfer to physical feelings,I would have just been melted on the spot!

So then my dad comes in and I ask him the same question and he didn't know!

But he's not a Lord Of The Rings guy...however he then started repeating the One Ring To Rule Them All poem to us and my lasting memory was him walking out the house chanting the poem!

And it just made me laugh so much!The knock on effect that one simple statement had made and the memories it had bought back and the fact that I was so deeply entrenched in dream time I had totally forgot something I really do know about.

Perhaps the lesson should be not to talk on Twitter before Iam fully awake...then again it really did make me laugh and that has to be good...doesn't it....

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