Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dressing Gown Days
Chipmunk summed my thoughts up perfectly at bedtime today...

"No more dressing gown days" he said.

No more dressing gown days it almost hurts to say the very words and it especially hurts to think them!

You see we have thrived on dressing gown days here over the Christmas hols.

Lazy daisy days where we have cuddled up in our beloved dressing gowns,probably for too long and for too many days but it has restored us.

We have all had time to do what we wanted to do and I think,no I know that has been for our good and we have benefited from winding down as before Christmas was horrendously busy and stressy.

So no I don't want to be dragged screaming into reality again but the holidays are over and so it must be.

How many weeks till half term....

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