Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Playing Dead
And so we ended up on a beautiful but chilly snow covered field at the weekend.
The snow was deep and it seemed to stretch for miles.
I was fascinated by the trees

they looked so pretty with all the snow on their bare pointy branches,I think winter trees are so interesting to look at anyway and with the added effect of snow they become magical

Chipmunk learnt how to make a snowball and we had fun splatting the snowballs at a tree

And then the fun began!
We began to snowball fight and this turned into running around the field whooping and yelling

I can remember Chippie shouting "Game on Mummy" and me running as fast as I could in size ten wellies and I got breathless and started to laugh and when Chipmunk threw a snowball that hit me I just collapsed to the floor in a dramatic pose and yelled out "Dead!"

It was cold lying in the snow but strangely peaceful and so very,very soft.I actually liked it down there!It was so restful lying in the snow and I embraced the feeling and just lay there,there was no noise on the field,just a feeling of peace and quiet and a fair bit of coldness!
Then the sound of Mummeeee shattered the peace and Chippie was stood over me,wanting prove that I wasn't really dead!
My big wello's and a snowballed Chipmunk
We played this game for ages...snowballing each other and falling down dead.Luckily the snow was soft and there weren't many people around!
I was counting giggles and I heard plenty!
Every time Chipmunk got hit by a snowball he would giggle and then he giggled so much the giggles turned to hiccups.
That's the sound I want to remember, a giggly must have been had when you get a case of the giggly hiccups!

Soft cold snow
''Get me Mummy!''
And then we went home and got warm coz now we have got heating we can get warm!Ain't life grand!

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