Thursday, January 24, 2013

He Says....I Think.....

The scenario on this mornings walk to school was this...

He says

"Ooo I hope it snows again soon"
"Look at the shiny snow"
"I wish our snowman would last forever"
"This is fun" ( walking in the slush)
"I hope the snow doesn't melt"
"I can remember when we played on the snowy field Mummy"

All said in a bright,excitable little voice,with his eyes shining.

I think

"Agh snow why are you still here"
 "Slush...yuk..horrible slippy mucky stuff"
 "If I slip infront of everyone I will feel sooo stooopid"
 "As if mornings aren't hard enough and now we have to trip trap through this mess"
 "I'm gonna collapse" ( carrying two school bags,drink cup,spare shoes and trying to keep Chipmunk balanced on the ice sheet that is our road) 
"DONT tread in the yellow snow"
"Are we safer on the road,it's not as slippy but we could get run over by a car or shall we stick to the slippy pavements,we won't get run over but we could break a leg when we slip and fall over"

All thought in a frazzled,stress head kind of way!

And as I walked I knew why I thought what I did but I also knew why he said what he did.

Different perspectives... I wish I could have seen it through his eyes tho!

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