Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sometimes We Don't Always Dance In The Snow!
Do you know what,after much soul searching I have begun to accept that sometimes we don't always dance,play or even frolic in the snow,we just don't.

Sometimes life gets in the way and no matter how much you think you should be playing happy families in the snow,you just can't bring yourselves to do it.
And my head tells me to cut myself some slack,coz I have got a lot of things going on at the moment and to be honest the snow is just a added burden to me.

Yes I know kids love the snow and yes it's pretty and how magic is it too see soft white flakes falling from the sky and transforming everything around into a magical snowy scene just like the ones you see on Christmas cards or in storybooks BUT then there is reality and the reality of it for me is that I have to get to work...on time and get Chipmunk to school all togged up
with his school bag packed,lunch box made,PE kit sorted,snack ready and then you add the snow and I have to find wellies and gloves and pack his school shoes in a separate bag and it's all extra work and if things are running right then I can maybe cope with a bit extra work but if things are running slightly off kilter then just a bit extra tips the balance and sends my life into overdrive and when that happens I just can't dance in the snow,I just can't and I feel bad...I see photos of snowmen being built and hear people saying how they are embracing the snow and I feel a right grump but I still can't bring myself to play in that snow.

Normally I would build a snowman with Chipmunk but having no heat has really started to get to me.

We are cold,desperately cold..we stand dithering in a morning almost unable to move,it's beyond a joke.

We all see the irony of us having a boiler breakdown at such a cold time of year,it's the stuff nightmares are made of and being like it for well over a week has wore us down.
I'm having headaches every day and I never have headaches and I'm more emotionally fragile,any extra little thing is just too much for me,so the snow just tops it off...badly.

The thought of getting even more cold and wet playing with snow is unbearable,especially as it would be really hard to get warm once we came in and where would I dry all the clothes!!!It doesn't bear thinking about!

So at the moment I'm going to try and accept that this is the way it is and huddle up and keep warm as much as possible.

I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunities to build snowmen when we are not feeling like snowmen ourselves!


  1. Come and live down here, Dartmoor has had none, just more rain! Hope you get the boiler sorted soon, it's a nightmare without it. Luckily ours went in the summer!! Snowmen can wait, there's always next year or the year after, and as (big) kids, secretly we never grow up when it come to snow!!

    1. Thank you for your comment Elly,it really cheered me up!
      I had felt such a bad mummy for not truly embracing the snow but I just had got to the end of my tether with the constant coldness and just couldn't get even colder and damper than I already was!
      We have more snow now,with more predicted over the weekend,so plenty of snow up here,I may come over to your end if you are snowless and I love your photos,it seems a real nice place to live!
      Hope you are keeping well,all my love Jess xx