Saturday, January 19, 2013

Six Word Saturday

'I Can Already Feel The Heat!'

Yay,just 10 minutes from having the boiler reinstated I can feel the heat!!

The house already feels different...not as sharp,more restful if that's the right word.

Before it was cold,freezingly icy cold,it was not a nice feeling,it made me want to curl up in a ball and never move from my spot on the sofa and it went on too long...eleven days too long!

But after just 10-15 minutes of warm radiators I can feel a difference,it's obviously warmer and that is fab but it's more than that,it's as if the whole atmosphere of the house has changed and for the better!

It does seem a more softer,peaceful atmosphere,we are more relaxed and things are flowing easier.

Before we were just coping I guess,moving only when absolutely necessary and the cold was getting to us badly especially after such a length of time and at such a cold snowy time of year.

So yay to the new boiler!Yay to warmth!And a big yay to the gas men who worked so hard trying to make us warm again...Iam so,so grateful!

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  1. What I love about British houses is central heating. Instant warmth!

    Glad your boiler's fixed.

  2. Nothing adds ambiance like a functioning boiler. Heat is habitability, eh?

  3. Definitely a necessity in the winter months! Glad the boiler is up and running!!