Monday, January 14, 2013

Sticker On The Nose Kid

Not the best of days today....Monday and it was snowy and I couldn't find the wellies and things did get on top of me.

I walked to pick Chippie up from school and met my friends on route,I had a good old moan about how I was feeling and I did feel a pretty rubbish mummy,yep I had a Dobby moment of immense proportions and then the little boy with the sticker on his nose came out of his classroom.... a happy,cheery little boy with a smile as big as the ocean and a contagious bubble of happiness.

He ran up to me,showed me the sticker and then ran out into the snow and proceeded to run around the playground whooping happily.

He didn't look traumed,he didn't even look the slightest bit unhappy with his lot,instead he was happy.

Happy to be in the snow,happy to be finishing school,happy to be with his peers,happy to be going on the x box,happy that he had a sticker on his nose!

And as for me....I was just happy that he was happy...what a relief!

The sticker turned out to be because he had done great maths work and he had been sent to the headteacher to show her,he also got a Golden Ticket!He's never had a Golden Ticket before so we were thrilled and on Friday those Golden Tickets are counted up and the class with the most Golden Tickets wins a trophy for a week so Chips feels really proud that he has won his class a Golden Ticket,great stuff Chippie!

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