Friday, January 11, 2013

Its been nearly two years since Chippie started swimming!

I can still remember that Feb half term when I first took him for his first swimming lesson.
I was petrified,I mean really petrified!
I worried about Chipmunk slipping on the swim bath tiles,I worried that he wouldn't get into the pool without badly struggling,I was just panic stricken to be honest.
That first lesson, I can remember standing at the corner of the pool watching the clock and wishing,no willing away the minutes,I don't think I hardly dare breathe throughout the whole 30 minute lesson! 

Survive though he did and slowly but surely he has learnt to swim.He can now swim without armbands and just before Christmas he got his 10metres badge.
Both of his swim teachers have been fab,Jenny and Diane,I can't praise either of them enough,they taught my boy to swim so of course I love them both.

Today Chips had moved up a class,he was a bit anxious, as in this class sometimes you go in the big pool and this was on his mind.
He did well though!The class was busy,lots of children,lots of noise,starting with one teacher and finishing with another,lots of quick instructions,lots of concentration needed.
To say Chipmunk had not swum for a month he took to it well and powered his way across the pool,listening carefully to what the teacher said.

So we are back! Let's see what 2013 brings swim wise,I'm sure whatever it brings will make me proud of my young un,as with everything he does,no matter how long it takes,Iam always so very,very proud.

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