Monday, January 28, 2013

Slip,Slop Snow!

Apparently this is just the best, slippy,sloppy,snow...what grown ups call slush and as far as I know,not many grown ups like slush...not so kiddos,they seem to adore slush!

I see nasty wet slippery stuff and as if to compound it,it's grey not the most endearing colour to be honest,perhaps if it were pink or lilac I may find it slightly more appealing,but grey,nah that colour does nothing for me.
It's horrible to walk in,unless you are in wellos or fab waterproof boots you are going to get wet and wet feet are just yukko.
So for all the above reasons slush is no friend of mine.

But my youngest kiddo was over the moon about the slush...truly so... words like 'cooooool' 'perfectimondo' 'wheeeey' were used a lot and very loudly!

He was truly excited and I did stop and smile at his enthusiasm.

He slipped,splashed and whooped all the way to the shops

and in general,had a fab old splashy mucky time.

I expected him to be thrilled at snow but hadn't anticipated the thrill of slush. I was soon put right!

And it's a good job that he had his fun out as today the slush has all gone,washed away in the night by the rain.

Here today and gone tomorrow.

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  1. Love it! Who can read the mind of a child? I am with you, give me the pretty white powdery stuff then let the rain wash it away and by pass the slush. I shall look at slush in a new light now! Thanks for linking up.

    1. Know what you mean,children are very unpredictable aren't they! And they always make me smile!