Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fire Fire

Last night Chipmunk and I saw a car on fire.
it was pouring with rain and we were nearly home after a long traipse up to the hospital and then the supermarket,I was carrying tons of heavy bags and I had just about given up with trying to keep my hood up,so the rain was lashing down on me and it was dark and I just wanted to be home and dry and to be able to put the blooming shopping bags down and all of a sudden a man stepped infront of us and said that a car was on fire and we couldn't go by it.

Well I wasn't happy with that!I needed to be at home,right then if not a moment sooner,so I carried on walking and the man said;

"That car could explode at any moment,you cannot walk past there"

And still I quavered....I needed to get home,surely I could sneak by,my house was not far away,I needed to put these bags down,I SO needed to just be home.

Then I looked at Chippie,was I really going to take him by a burning car....a car that could explode at any minute...nope...course not.

So I crossed the road to assess the situation and when I saw the car I was in flames and I saw that we needed to get away and sooner rather than later,I grrrred at the shopping bags and began the long walk round the back way home,across the dark field and through the dark alley way,great stuff,just what I needed after the afternoon we had been through,best of two evils tho...the burning car that was about to explode or the spooky alley way where anybody could be lurking,nice choice,not!!!!

As we walked away we heard sirens and a police car came screeching round the corner,the traffic was backed up terribly and it was obvious that some people were going to be very late home that night.

We did the long spooky walk home and once the bags were dumped down we just flopped down with quite a tale to tell all and sundry!

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