Friday, January 25, 2013

My Dad
I have thought about this subject for quite a bit and this morning me and my dad got talking and it jogged my thoughts...

My Dad And Music

My dad has always liked music I guess.
In the past I can picture him receiving presents like CD players,headphones,LP's (anyone remember those) and radios.

When I was growing up my lasting memory of being at home with him was his love for classical music.
Many,no make that every Sunday morning I would be woken by the sound of the 1812 crashing through the floorboards.Of course as a teenager I hated this music and it just confirmed my image that oldies listened to old,old music, music without words how strange,how weird,how so very old.

My mum and him would go to concerts to listen to orchestras and just slightly better 'ballets' I mean even I could see Swan Lake was passable,as a ballet you understand,not as a piece of music,music to me in those days meant The Police or Duran,Duran or Paul Young,real music obviously!

I accepted my dads choice in music,I didn't have much choice did I?!?As my young un says to us 'My game my rules' well in my dads case it was 'My house,my music' 

But here's where it gets amazing,shamazing to me,times have a changed!

Example one was just on Christmas Day,we were all sat at the table scoffing Christmas Dinner down and my dad turned to my Sharky and said;

"What tee shirt is that you've got on?"

Sharky answered; 

"The Foo Fighters"

And my dad said....

"Ahh The Foo Fighters,good band that,I like their stuff especially Times Like These"
I could have died!!!!!!!

I did literally choke and yell out 


My brother was sat opposite me and I was yelping

" Can you believe it!Listen to dad!Foo Fighters!He likes the Foo Fighters!No way!!!!

And my dad was oh so calm

"Yes I like a lot of their stuff"

Really dad!?!Whatevers changed you from the 1812 to the Foo Fighters!

And he also likes the Mumfords and so does my T and it creases me up to hear them discussing the newest album.

He likes Adele too and listens to quite a bit of what I call 'up and trendy' radio shows.

It's just too much for me to take in,the older he gets,the trendier he gets!

If you had said this to me this 30 years ago I would never have believed it!

It seems you can teach a old dog new tricks ~ no comparison meant dad!

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