Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We have been without heat for a whole week now!
One whole bloomin week!

And yep we have seen temperatures drop during that week and snow fall!
Could it get any colder...probably but it's pretty freezing as it is!

No hot water,no radiators,washing piling up and nowhere to dry it.
Shoes wet through from the snow and no radiators to pop them on,so they stay wet...yuk.Coats,gloves all damp!

It's that cold here you can see your own breath!

I put Chipmunk to bed and it's like taking him to Siberia!He has a warm borrowed Beddy Bear and a hot water bottle so his bed is warmish but the atmosphere in his bedroom is horrible....icy cold,not nice at all and reading him a bedtime story is a nightmare!

We have a small fire for the lounge so that takes the chill of in there but every other room is deathly cold.

We are wearing layer after layer after layer and yet still we are cold.

Doing the dishes is fun and games,I have to boil several big saucepans of water up before I even start to wash them,ho hum... sighs loudly.

Iam on countdown until Friday when,fingers crossed,we may be sorted out with a new boiler and heat will enter our home again,I can't wait!!!!

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