Saturday, January 19, 2013

Things I Will Appreciate About Heating! 

Hanging my washing on the radiators!This is a biggie for me as its how I dry my clothes in the winter,to say I'm missing warm radiators is the understatement of the year! 

Walking from room to room and feeling warmth.At the moment you walk into the kitchen and freeze and as for upstairs... it's not worth even thinking about it...seriously!

The shower! Ah the bliss of getting out the shower into a warm room,instead of stepping out into the equivalent of a ice box,oh it's so nasty,it really is!

Warm water!!!This should have come further up my list!The feeling of warm water when you turn the taps on..unbelievable! I'm so used to washing in cold water and boiling water up for the dishes I will be ooohing and ahhhing when I get hot water from a tap!

Reading a bedtime story in warmth!These days I lie on Chippies bed dithering and just wanting to get back downstairs to the gas fire!It is not a relaxing experience!

And I know that it won't be long once everything is sorted for me to take the heating and warmth for granted but at the moment what I wouldn't give to have the things above solved!

This was written before we got the heat back on,we are sorted now and feeling toastie,phew!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Robyn :-) its so much better here now!

  2. Thank goodness for comfy, cozy heat!

    1. Hello Ann :-) yes three cheers for heat!

  3. I can feel the relief from here, Jess!

    1. Too right Jo,I'am oh so grateful for heat and hot water! I go out into the snow now and the coldness doesn't even touch me!