Friday, January 4, 2013

Funny Old Day
It has been a funny old day,we have been for a fab walk,just me and Chippie,yet again on our own,good job we like each others company!

The walk was good and we laughed a lot.
I wished I had a dictaphone so I could have recorded some of the things Chipmunk said,some things were so sweet I melted and some things were so comical I laughed and I knew that I wouldn't remember them all and I stood in the woods and thought if only I could record this stuff but as usual the moments tick on and the words disappear into the air and slip through your fingers like wispy clouds.

I do know that you never stopped talking Chipmunk,from the moment you stepped out the door to the moment you rushed from the garage back in the house in just your socks because your trainers were to muddy to even come close to the house!
We were out for nearly two hours,so thats a lot of talking and that makes me feel good.I want to listen to you more this year,not that I didn't last year but I want to do even more listening this year and more answering,I want to communicate with you better,with less hindrance from any techy stuff!And how that works out I shall have to see coz at the moment I know this phone is in my hand more than I Iike it to be.
Yep,me,the very same one who is so set against people ignoring real life in favour of online stuff.Ironic isn't it!Laughable!I know...I laugh at myself about it...kinda laugh...coz deep down I know its bit me on the bum but that's not to say I can't turn around and bite it right back,right?
I do set myself limits and never or almost never use my phone when I'm out with people but I still see the look Chipmunk gives me when this phone is in my hand and I don't like the look,I feel it's meaning,no words are needed,the look goes straight to my heart.

Anyway I digress :-) 

The day ended with us spending a lazy daisy afternoon just snoozing,eating Christmas chocolates,the X box been blasted out,Chipmunk and Sharky arguing over the X Box,me downloading photos and arguing with the laptop and the phone and the camera and the camera wire coz it just wasn't working for me and Sharky giving me his look of mother fail on the laptop....again Grrr!A simple job made complex by me,yes Sharky is absolutely right,I DO always muck it up BUT practise makes perfect watch this space!

We played a stop/start game of Scalextric which was fun but would be so much better if those cars didn't fall off the track so easily,it drives us all bonkers!Young Squeaker the hammie was rolling around in her ball at the side of the Scalextric track,she had a few close calls and she must have thought she was at the side of the M1!

After Chippie went to bed we watched Waterloo Road,we never got into the last series but we have made a pact to try to watch this new series as we used to love it and then we finished off by watching Corrie,love,love,love Corrie...full stop.

So a sloppy sort of day,a walking,talking,loungy in and eat rubbish kinda day,pretty cool I guess.

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