Thursday, August 16, 2012

16 Facts About Sharky 

As Sharkys birthday approached i thought up a few facts about Sharky and here they are:

1. ~ He was the child who taught
me all about communication.
He didnt utter a word,sound until he was nearly 3!The
health visitor was very
concerned.But the amazing
thing to me was that I
understood everything
that he wanted me to
understand,non verbal communication is a magical thing!

2. ~ He makes people jump.I
always say he will give some
one a heart attack one day ashe is always hiding
behind doors and jumping
out at people!Still doing thisand nearly 16,will it ever stop!

3. ~ He also makes silly noises
and rhymes up.And he is so
consistent with this that we all end up talking his language!

4. ~ He is punctual,probably the most punctual person in our house.

5. ~ He wears caps,all the time!

6. ~ He is comical and has the
true knack for making people
laugh!Even his older brotherhas a wry smirk at him sometimes.

7. ~ He is a junk food addict,if he
could he would live on PotNoodles,fizzy pop and donuts
with possibly a few cookies thrown in!

8. ~ He loves a cuppa!

9.~ He is my Coronation St mate.
We always watch a bit of
Corrie together.

10. ~ He is really tall.He even thinks he's taller than me!In your dreams Sharky.... or maybe in my dreams ~ smiles 

11. ~ He is speed merchant.He likes rollercoasters,bikes,skateboards,
anything with a bit of speed.

12. ~ He is a trier,it's a pleasure to go his school parent evenings as the teachers are always really positive about the effort he puts into his work.

13. ~ He asks the most abstract questions in the world!Honestly I don't know where he thinks things up from!It does make us laugh tho.

14. ~ He has a great group of friends and a lovely girlfriend.Im really pleased about this.

15. ~ He is very applied and know what he wants out of life.This has shown in the way he has got his paper round and how he has tried to get into 6th form.

16. ~ He is good at ICT and likes to spend lots of time on his laptop,if he gets into 6th form next year he will be doing a A Level in ICT.

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