Friday, August 31, 2012

 School...Ouch or Yay...
Looking around the big world of the Internet this week I have come to realise there are a lot of mums feeling just like me about the start of school.
My 6WS post last week started me off on the whole I don't want school to start again topic read here
and since then I have read quite a few mums stories about how they felt when their precious children started school.

It's so interesting to me to hear how how different families coped with this situation and for me this is one of the beauties of the Internet,you get to know its not just you feeling this way,there are lots of mums who feel the same!
We are a funny lot us mums and there's something about starting school that strikes a chord deep down in most mums.Its a major milestone and I bet if we asked any mum,no matter how old ( go on try it,let me know how they answered,I'm going to do it! ) how it was when their children started school they would remember and be able to describe it too you,no matter how long ago it was! ( I'm going to ask my mum later about my first day,let's see if she remembers,whoa betide her if she doesn't! ) 

I work at a nursery school and regularly see children starting nursery and sometimes this is the first time that these children have been left with anybody other than their families.I can honestly say that it's the mums that need settling just as much as their children and why not... they are leaving their most precious possession with people they don't know that well,that's never going to easy is it and why would it be!

Yet it's something that most mums do... in the past week I have read about Kelle Hampton's experience of leaving her eldest daughter at kindergarten,its so moving click on her name and read it but be prepared to shed a little tear!
Nici from Dig This Chick wrote about her daughter Margots first day at school and Smudgie Baby caught my eye with this post about leaving her little daughter at school recently.

All my children have been at school for years now but two of them are moving into different year groups in September and Iam definitely having the jelly wobbles about this!
Lets hope all our children start school well this week and have a fab school year.

Oh and any advice for calming a stressy mummy please leave in the comments,any words of wisdom greatly appreciated!

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