Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Week Since...

Do you ever play that game in your head where your thoughts say to you 'One week ago I was...'

Well my thoughts have been doing that and the sentence that keeps flitting through my head is

"It's been a week since your birthday Sharky"

One whole week of you being 16 and these particular 7 days have passed with me seeing and being with you a lot.

That might sound strange but as parents of teens know sometimes you don't often get to really be with your teens.

For a start there are the 'electrical gadgets that all teens have on them 24-7.Laptops when they are at home,phones for when they are out.They even have their gadgets by the side of their beds,charging, ready for when they wake up,because where would they be without them?!?

So it's with a sense of pride that I say I have been with this boy for a week,we have been to the forest,Creswell Crags,family birthday party,wedding reception and Alton Towers.

And you know what,I still see the boy I used to know throughout his childhood,yes perhaps a bit taller ( ok,a lot taller! ) but Sharky you still run fast,you still dart about looking for things to jump off,you still hide behind stuff and jump out at us,you still ask questions that nobody else in the world would come up with and you still make us laugh.

You are such a character,always have been.
I always knew you were going to be my middle child but for a long time it looked like that was not going to happen.When I was having Chipmunk some people knowing our close relationship thought you may get pushed out because of the new baby but our neighbour said to me

"Do you ever think Sharky will let you leave him out!?!"

And I knew the answer to that!You are not one to be left out,not here in your family home,you may be quieter out in the world of school but here you make your presence felt,without any shadow of a doubt and we love you for that.

A week since your birthday and I have enjoyed it.We have laughed till we cried ( rainy old Alton Towers ) shared plenty of choc ( thanks for letting me share your minty birthday choc ) observed people and talked life through till we've come back full circle,it's been a good seven days,you are one,funny,thoughtful,sensitive,much loved 16 year old.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your 16 yr. old "Sharky"! I raised three I didn't get to enjoy boys until I had grandsons! And now I have 6 of them...and two in heaven. Boys are a bit different than girls...but I love them all soooo much! (:>)

    1. Hello Linda :-)
      So you are the mum to three girls and Im the mum to three boys!I always wanted 3 boys even from a early age,i dont know why,i just did!So I was happy when the boys came along.My eldest son always wanted a sister and I often wonder if he will get a daughter instead :-)I adore all children and think whatever sex baby you get it is the most precious gift you will ever receive