Sunday, August 5, 2012

Riverside Fun

On Wednesday we went to the river.

We had been sat around for too long,it's one thing watching the Olympics but when you are not moving yourself you begin to suspect this is not at all healthy and something must be done!

So off on the trusty scooter we went

along a windey path that led to the valley and the river.

Once there Chipmunk looked for some sticks to throw and then we came across stones.
We have never thrown stones before just sticks but stones are different!They don't float like sticks do and you can't race stones but they do make the most satisfying noises when they are thrown into water "Splash" "Kerplunk" and they make ripples on the water and they sink.Its all good fun and highly educational too!

finding our first stones
and throwing them over the bridge

This little stone was one of the first stones Chipmunk picked up.Boy did we progress from that little stone!

We started digging stones out of the ground.Stones that seemed impossible to move were moved.

Our hands got grubby and soiley but it was fantastic fun!

our stone collection ready to throw
digging them out

look at the hole the stone left!

This ( above ) was our prize stone!It took ages to dig out!I never expected Chipmunk to manage to dig it out but he showed great concentration and perseverance and dug it out!

ready to throw
can you see the ripples where our stones went
I love how grubby Chipmunks hands are.I always like to see a muddy,mucky child who has played to me that is what childhood is about.

And I adore this photo of Chipmunk walking down into the valley ready for adventure.We will definitely go again!

linking up to Country Kids at Coombe Mill

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  1. Replies
    1. We did!It was a inexpensive but fun afternoon out!

  2. Well done for making the effort to get outside! We're couch potatoes I'm afraid

    1. Well so are we in a way!I get freaky about how much 'screen' time the young un has and so make sure he's taken out whenever possible and he usually ends up having fun!

  3. I love how your country walk ended up being so much fun out of the simple things in nature. That so reminds me of our children playing by the river here on the farm. thank you for joining in with Country Kids

  4. Thank you for hosting Country Kids,it's great to see what things everyone is up too :-)