Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Splashes and Dashes

The weather was good this weekend and we have made the most of it.On Saturday we went to the forest,read more here
 And on Sunday we went to Cresswell Crags

So we are pretty much all walked out!Cant beat a good walk,fresh air and fun though!

It was great to have Sharky out with us,it always adds a certain element of 'dare' as he runs fast,jumps high and climbs far and Chipmunk follows!How magic that is to see him follow and succeed in climbing and running.
He made us chuckle as he kept pretending to be Usain Bolt,he would do the lightening pose and then dash off.Once we seriously couldn't see him,we kept walking further and further through the trees,thinking 'he's got to be here' 'surely he can't have run this far'
Me and my mum began turning around and glancing back into the woods,Sharky said "Well he's either up ahead or down!"
I looked down and there at the bottom of a steep woody hill was the river and just for a moment I thought 'yikes' but my dad spotted him,he had got to the top of the track,which was uphill and was heading back to us at 100 mile a hour,very red faced and looking close to collapsation but very happy and proud!After that it was time for a ice cream!

After eating the ice cream Chipmunk wondered off down some steps and came back wide eyed saying

" You have got to see this!"

My dad dutifully wandered off and came back grinning saying

"You are wanted down there"

So huffing and puffing we all traipsed down the many steps and kept walking until we found Chipmunk in the museum next to this

Well it did make us laugh and I wished we could have seen his face when he first spotted it!

The MotoGp was on this weekend so that kept Chipmunk amused when he was inside.

Tiger has bought a couple of new Liverpool tops and had them printed,one is Gerrard and the other Suarez.I always love to see Tiger with a footie top so that made me smile.

Sharky is doing the paper round quicker now he's getting into the hang of it.It seems much more doable now than that first morning where we all thought it had taken such a long time.

On Friday night we went to my friends wedding reception.She looked wonderful and it was nice to see people who I hadn't seen for a while.
They all commented about how the boys were growing up lovely and we talked about how fast time goes and how we are in different stages of our lives now,it was quite poignant really.
Chipmunk wore his jeans and managed to steal ahem
accidentally take a cake from the wedding cake display,this caused him much distress when we found out,he got very upset and demanded I wipe the evidence
cake crumbs from his mouth immediately!
So nice to talk to people though and my friend bought her little crawling baby who entertained as by darting around the room,doing little dances and then falling fast asleep through booming disco music ~ don't babies always manage that!
We could all remember when ours where crawling around like that and I could see we were all thinking how time flies ~ poignant

I had bit of a nightmare with my top for the wedding reception.We went down into town to get ourselves kitted out and I had Chipmunk,two pairs of jeans,tops and some items I had chose for me,all in a small changing room.
Well Chipmunk was being a really good boy but still it's stressful maneuvering bodies around and there are coat hangers everywhere and piles of clothes,some the right size,some the wrong size,some that were our original clothes,oh you must get the picture ~ chaos!
I sorted Chipmunk out,mums always sort the kids first don't they,and then attempted to find myself a desperately needed new top.The first one I tried didn't seem right,the second one was too big ~ always a plus but still not right,the third one fitted better and I liked the colours,so I shouted Sharky to come and look and he said in his normal deadpan voice 'very nice' I took that as approval and aimed to pile everything up and get out the shop as fast as I could.He also said "It's got horses on" Now in my desperation to flee the shop I didn't take too much notice of this statement,'horses' I thought 'that's ok' 'I like the colour,it fits,let's goooo'
So we paid,ouch,and went home.
A couple of hours later I got the top out of the bag and nearly died,it had indeed got horses on it!Big horses!I was devastated,I would never have bought it if I had seen those horses!
The boys rolled around laughing at the fact that I hadn't noticed the horses and to be honest they were not that missable!But any mums reading this you will know what it's like in a changing room with kids,not a easy place,you have to have a game plan,march in and then vacate as soon as the deed is done ~ mission accomplished!
Or not in my case!I hadn't got anything else to wear so I had to wear my horse top.
Halfway through the night though my young and trendy friend said how much she liked my top and I'm almost sure she meant it,so I felt much better.

I'll leave you with the words of my middle son though,he walked across the bedroom floor with a slight grin to his face and said,

"It makes you wonder what designers think,doesn't it...."

And he meant it!

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