Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday
 What do you do when it rains and youre stuck outside under a small shelter with nothing better to do than wait for the rain to stop.....

You catch curls of course

I love these curls

Twirly whirly curls

The wetter it gets the more it curls

Yep thats the curl I wanted to capture

Ok,can you please stop now mum!

Bit of puddle splashing

Soggy feet
Wow,where did that blue sky come from..

  Linking up to My Little Drummer Boys


  1. Cute curls! All my kiddies have dead straight hair. Not a curl in site.

    1. Hello Jane :-)I just adore my youngests curls,his hair has been the curliest by far and as a soppy mummy i heart them x

  2. My son had curls and got his first haircut at age 2 (he was a bald baby!). After that they never came back! So sad! So with my dd (she is 3) and has bouncy curls that I can't bare to part with... Hence- no haircut yet! ;)

    1. Your son sounds bit like my youngest,he was completely bald until he was two and then all this blonde curly hair came.When I had it first cut i thought all the curls would disappear but they didnt and the more they stayed the more I became attached to them!I dont blame you for not having your daughtersbouncy curls cut.Curls rule!