Monday, August 13, 2012

2 Minute Memories
 Spikes and Night Time Excitement!

We were all tired out tonight,a day at the beach and the Olympic closing ceremony last night had whacked us all out.

I tucked Chipmunk up in bed and came downstairs ready to flake out on the settee when I found out there was a real live hedgehog outside.

We went outside to look and saw this by the flowerpots

Chipmunk was shouted back downstairs,he literally thundered through the house and outside to see the hedgehog.

Darkness was falling fast and we had to peep really carefully to see the hedgehog.

The nice thing was just how excited we all were,we fetched it some water and had a close look at his pointy nose and his spikes.

When I took Chipmunk back up to bed his eyes were gleaming as he spoke of the hedgehog and it was such a adventure to get back back out of bed and go into the dark night searching for real live hedgehogs!

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