Monday, August 6, 2012

Rainy Days And Mondays

Today was a rainy Monday
raindrops on windows kinda day

When I say rainy I meant showery.One minute sunny and the next throwing it down with rain.

It was during one of those sunny interludes that I decided to go to town with Chipmunk.

It started out well,a bit chilly but nothing too bad and we both had just teeshirts on,this turned out to be a big,big mistake.
Because when we got to town this is the scene that met us
torrential rain!It was absolutely throwing it down,the raindrops were almost bouncing off the pavements and there we were with no costs,umbrellas or anything to keep the rain off!

We stood and watched people scurrying to and fro,children just making a run for it and elderly women walking with carrier bags on their heads!

After a while it slowed down a little bit so we did an impression of Olympic runners and ran into the shopping centre.

We went to the library and found a brill selection of books.Chipmunk was delighted to find a information book about Lewis Hamilton.
I think he shows a preference for choosing information books when he's at the library,although he still more than adores his stories at night!

When we came out of the library it had stopped raining,we had a yummy M&S sandwich,brought a couple of Olympic t shirts for Chipmunk and then headed home.

It was a really calm day and much enjoyed

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