Saturday, August 18, 2012

Whoppers and Beasties

These boys of mine teach me a thing or too,especially when it comes to doing 'boyish' stuff like throwing sticks...

Today we went to the forest,it was the Robin Hood Festival,so a lot of Robin Hood Theme things was going on ~ jousting,archery etc
we had a wander through through the woods and that's where the 'beasties and whoopers' started

We wandered well off the main path and into the forest

And Chipmunk decided to throw sticks

All I could hear was

"Look at this beastie"

And then Chipmunk would launch a stick into the trees

and another stick and another and another

This got Sharky interested...

and he too began to search out interesting sticks ~ the bigger the better ~ 'whoppers and beasties'

And then Chipmunk found a real whopper,it was infact a tree root and it was stuck in the ground.

"There's no way you can get that one" I said.

Er wrong think again mum...

Yep they got it out and wanged it deep into the ferny undergrowth

We nearly missed the jousting

But the stick throwing was precious indeed ~ boys and sticks!

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  1. Fab photos! Looks like you had a good day :)

    Was it Sherwood Forest? Do you live close by? We're not far from there - about 20 min drive.