Monday, August 6, 2012

Aunty Polly's Drawer. 

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  This is a tale from a long long time ago,way back when I was a little girl.

I used to live with my grandma for a great majority of the time when I was younger,I would spend all the weekends at my grandmas and lots of the school holidays.

My grandma lived in a terraced house where she had spent probably all her married life.My grandad had died before I was born so it was mainly just me and my grandma there.

My grandmas sister lived on the same street just a few doors down on the opposite side of the road.

It was so different then,we had the corner shop on the corner,of course!

Relatives lived closer than most seem to do these days.

There wasn't as much traffic on the roads as there is now so all the children spent a great deal of time playing outside on the street and the grown ups hardly ever watched us,not like these days when you would mostly get grown ups hovering round and checking up on children all the time and that's if they were even allowed to play outside on the pavement!

I can remember having a big dolls pram that I used to push all around the streets by myself and thinking of it now I used to wander quite a long way from my grandmas house.

Anyway sometimes I used to go across the road to see my Aunty Polly and she would always say

"Do you want a sweet?"

And of course I did!

Well she would open a drawer in the middle of her dresser and it was a absolute health risk!The sweets for a start would be hard boiled ( of course these days we would straight away think choking hazard but in those days nobody blinked a eye ) usually they would be chocolate limes,those green sweets with chocolate in the middle ( I still like them now ) and they would be scattered in the drawer with all kinds of junk,health and safety would have definitely closed that draw down!No Dettox spray in those days!

I would always get a handful of sweets and come away smiling and it's a memory that still stays with me,my mum and I smile about it and sometimes say

"Can you remember Aunty Polly's drawer?"

I think I would die on the spot if any of my boys were offered anything from such a drawer!

Still survived though didn't I!

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