Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Boy With The Curls

I love the boys hair,I think I always have done,they have all had lovely blonde hair and at some stage in their lives they have had long or longish blonde hair.
T had his hair long when he was about 3.I can picture photos of him smiling on his play group official photo with his hair short at the sides but longer at the back.

S had very long hair from about year 4 right through until year 6.
This was mainly my choice in the end,I just loved his hair,it suited him,he looked like a Cornish surfer dude and I thought it looked cool.
He would regularly describe himself as the only mophead in the school and at that time there was only him with long hair amongst the boys.
Now lots of boys have longer hair and it's not such a big deal thankfully.

Chipmunks hair didn't start to grow until he was nearly two!This made him look like a gigantic jelly baby and so very cute.

And then when it did kick in it was curly!Lovely blonde ringlets,he looked like a angel,so in all seriousness I was not going to cut those beautiful golden curls off was I!

When I did take him for his first hair cut I fully expected his curls to disappear but to my surprise and happiness they stayed!Every hair cut I expected them to disappear but they stayed!

And so his hair stayed long,well long for a boy,he started school with longish curls and last year he started juniors with his blonde curls.

The thing is that now he is not so keen on those curls and the curls are growing out ( sob )

The last haircut he had was with a different hairdresser and she kinda massacred the curls ( and I spent the afternoon on the settee mourning them) but it is still long and blonde with just a hint of curl and when it's wet,well then the curls come back,woohoo!

The reason for this post is that on Tuesday it's haircut day and already I'm looking at that lovely hair and missing it.

Don't get me wrong it won't be short but the length will go quite a bit and all the summer blonde highlights will disappear.

I know it's totally soppy but I will miss that hair.Chipmunk's character is big and bouncy just like his hair,it wouldn't quite be him if that hair all disappeared,I'm not ready yet for the end of the curls!

I know it doesn't look too ringeletty here,I think the weight is pulling it down these days but I'm hoping with the right cut those curls may spring back just a couple more times!Fingers crossed!

Chipmunk Mummy adores your hair!

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