Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Had a really lovely time watching the boys and their cousins play today.
They were playing ball games,just throwing a ball backwards and forwards to each other.
What I loved was how ALL of the kids got involved,there were 8 of them,ages ranging from 5 up to 19yrs old,and they all mucked in together.
The ball got thrown around the garden and frequently lost over the fence.
The children climbed over fences and hedges to fetch the ball and had such fun working together.
I sat watching them play,it made me smile

And when my mum rang tonight,she too commented on how lovely it was to see they kids play together,so it wasnt just me who noticed it.

Perhaps a glimpse back to the days when the bigger boys did play or perhaps just nice to see kids that are growing up fast playing,as I always in my heart believe,play is important,no matter what age,it bonds people together and it creates friendships and it produces laughs and giggles and that has to be good!

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