Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Chocco Pops Kid

Well the years are flying by and my beautiful middle born son is 16 tomorrow!
How an earth have 16 years passed!Seriously it's just not feasible!

I could write forever about those years and how much I love this child and how much he makes me laugh and how absolutely proud of him I'am.
But I haven't got the time to do that or the emotional reserve it would take,I'd go on for days and cry buckets and that would not be good for anyone.
So instead I will say
Happy Birthday Chocco Pops Kid!

Love you loads and loads
Mum x 

Having wrote this I thought I'd better clarify why 'Chocco Pops Kid
Sharky has always had a sweet tooth and he loves chocolate cereal.I used to buy him a box once a month and then it got to be just Christmas and his birthday.

Even though he's getting bigger and older I always think about chocolate cereal for Sharkys birthday.... hence Chocco Pops Kid!

The special things to eat tomorrow are
sausage cobs for breakfast,
cans of Monster ~ my yuk,his drink of choice,
big,big choccie cake :-) totally chocolatey bliss!
Oh and a big buffet tea for the family,party food galore!

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