Thursday, May 2, 2013


During the half term hols we went to the shoe shop.

Now the shoe shop and I don't have that good a relationship.

Mainly due to the fact that the assistants have,perhaps without knowing,done my head in with throwaway comments such as

"Oh we don't do shoes that will fit your child" 

I mean what's that about!!!!!He's not a giant so why don't you make shoes for him?!?Why?!?!

And the last one'll like this,it's a classic....

"Oh if these don't fit him,we haven't got anything suitable,you will have to paint his feet black"

All said with a smile on their faces.

Yeh rightio I'm really going to paint my child's feet black coz that would so work,wouldn't it.

It makes me so cross,all I want to do is buy my child a pair of shoes for goodness sake.Im prepared to pay over the odds,I just need a pair of shoes,grrr!

As you can see,it totally winds me up,to say the least.

And breathe.....

So we enter the shoe shop and the assistant measures Chips and it all seems promising and I'm beginning to feel that today we may be onto a winner.

And then the assistant says "I'll go and get some size 2's,I'll just be two secs"

And Chips turns to me wih a grin as wide as the Mersey and says,

"Mummy,she said sex"

"No sweetheart" I replied "She said secs"

"Yes sex" said Chips and he started twirling round the shoe shop chairs in excited glee.

"No" I said

And I slowly and dramatically said the word

"Secs, Chips, s-e-c-s"

It was at this point I realised three things,one my voice had got quite loud as I over emphasized the letters of the word,two the shop had grown quiet and three that no matter how hard you try to say secs it still sounds like sex.

Try it and see what I mean! You will grin.

Chips was delighted,he burst into more giggles and chanted "Mummy said sex,Mummy said sex!"

And then just to make matters worse I looked up and a lady opposite said "Hello" and it was one of the nursery mums from where I work....

I blagged and said in my best cheery voice "Hello" whilst inside I was thinking "How bad is this going to get!"

We didn't even get the shoes on that trip!

But we did get a laugh and a memory to keep!

Secs....perhaps a word to avoid with junior school kids...let my experience be a warning to all!


  1. Absolutely brilliant!! This is hilarious. I bet the shop assistant was completely oblivious to what they had actually done as well. I was really laughing as I read this :). Thanks for making me smile today! And thanks for linking up to PoCoLo again lovely Jess xx

    1. Hi Tori,glad it made you smile,it eventually made me smile too,only when I was out of the shop tho!A nine year old loves nothing better than his mummy saying a 'naughty'word!
      As always I love #pocolo :-) xxxx

  2. Kids! This did make me giggle #PoCoLo

    1. Yep you can rely on kids to let you down in public!Glad it made you giggle,it did me too...eventually!

  3. Hahaha! why is it when kids say something really embarrassing someone you know is within earshot!? classic :-D #PoCoLo

    1. Ah its one of those secret mysteries that are embedded into children,probably under the category of 'How to embarrass your parents' :-) Thanks for commenting Lou xx #pocolofun

  4. Oh this is just fab! Truly priceless moment! xx

  5. wow i needed that giggle, joshuas fave is CLOCK although he says it without the L .. he says it very loudly!

  6. Kids are hilarious! Made me smile :D

  7. Lol! Brilliant! Hope you find some shoes soon though!

  8. HHAHAAAAA Thats so funny, that'll stay with you forever :D