Saturday, May 18, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction 
i found Five Sentence Fiction through reading Dragons Fly Poppy blog
she often writes fiction pieces and her poems are cool,a example being
Well I then found Lillie McFerrin who hosts Five Sentence Fiction  and decided to join in and have a go with the prompt this week which was Accident.
So here is my attempt....ta dah


 "But it was an accident," she exclaimed "I didn't mean too!"

"You know the rules full well," said the voice "once you step on the map you can't get off...ever...not until you reach your destination"

The girl turned around and slowly gazed at the map,it looked so detailed,some of the names sounded familiar and some didn't.

And down at the bottom was her destination,how was she, the girl who couldn't negotiate maps of any sort and who got lost on a regular basis ever going to get there

She took one last look at safety and then tentatively started to walk ,she had to start the journey,what other choice did she have.


  1. You have created mystery so well in your story and desperation in your character. This is a really good idea for a longer story. xx

    1. Thanks Lizzie!This was based on a reoccurring dream :-) Its a damn scary map let me tell you!Terrifying!

  2. I love this...great beginning for a book!

    1. Thanks Ann,that means a lot to me :-)x

  3. Great idea. I agree with the others, I can see this evolving into a much larger piece.