Wednesday, May 22, 2013

100 Word Challenge
This weeks prompt for the 100 Word Challenge was
 The Points Were Sharp
Here are my 100 words   


The points were sharp...

The words stung and made her eyes fill with tears 

She went outside and the breeze did its best to blow the words from her mind

It didnt quite work though 

Still the words echoed in her mind 

And they continued to do so for the rest of the day

Until the night came and she slept

But she did listen,even though she didn't want too

She listened long and hard

Because although the words hurt like hell she knew them to be right and fair

Yes the points were sharp but they were true

Linking up at Julias Place for the 100 Word Challenge


  1. yuck and amen! truth is never easy.

    1. Yep,the truth stings for sure!Thanks for commenting :-)