Sunday, May 19, 2013

Magic Moments ~ Splash

Writing for Jaime again 'smile time' because I really do love this linky.

I like the feeling it brings when you read through people's magic moments,I like choosing which moment I can write about and I like how friendly Jaime is and how she is bringing this blogging community together and I know I say that a lot but I do truly mean it.

So here we go and this week I'm going to tell you about....puddle jumping ~ big style puddle jumping

The Puddle
Now this happy memory is old,let me cast my mind back and count the years,it was when my middle son was in year six,he's nearly 17 now,but actually thinking about it it was only six and a half years ago, I'm now thinking oh my goodness he was doing this kind of stuff just six years ago, wow times have changed because he seems so grown up in some ways,doing A-Levels,thinking about jobs,doesn't time fly! 

Well my middle boy was a really active kid!Couldn't sit still for toffee,ran everywhere, jumped high and had a massive streak of dare inside of him ( he still does,he hasn't changed too much! ) 

People used to say to me "He's a bit of a lad,isn't he" or "He's a lad 'n a half" or "He's got fire in his belly" 

I haven't heard these sayings for ages now but believe me,back in the day I heard them on a weekly basis if not more.

I used to love to go and pick him up from school and he would come bounding out the classroom and literally run,jump and leap all the way home,doing acrobatic stunts as he went.I

 was a very laid parent and as long as he wasn't in mortal danger or being rude to anyone I was fine with his antics....after all he was just a lad,everybody told me so!

Well one day it had been raining big style and in the field opposite the school there were puddles.

Not small puddles,big deep long wide puddles,absolutely muddy puddles.The sort of puddles you get on a field pretty massive puddles.

He came tearing out of school with his mate,raced up the school drive and as we crossed the road he saw the puddles.

Now the sensible thing to do would have been to carry on on the nice,clean,dry pavement but I looked at his face and I knew him so well and I knew secondary school was looming and that this boy of mine was growing up and one day wouldn't want to jump in puddles.

So I told him to go for it.

I took his school bag from him and said I would meet him at home,which was two minutes away and I just let him play.

I watched for one minute as he ran without a care in the world straight through the enormous puddle and then literally just rolled in it.

He did not care a hoot,he was just having the muddiest,wettest time ever.

I could sense a certain amount of OMG from quite a few parents but just like my middle boy I didn't care a hoot either and I went home and waited for him to return.

He wasn't that long actually and yes he was a state and yes his clothes were a disaster!

But you know what...he washed up like new and so did his clothes after a good soak.

No damage done,just a lot of excitement and fun and a lasting memory.

Because whenever I walk past that field on a rainy day those puddles reappear and to this day I still remember the day he splashed in those puddles....I wonder if he does! 

I say when you have got a lad 'n a half,embrace it!

And one last thing....this was before the days of our puddle jumping friend Peppa.In these days it was not so fashionable to puddle jump,especially in your school uniform!
 Perhaps Peppa was watching us!
 Perhaps we taught her all she knows! 

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  1. Aw - they do grow up to quick. Mine splash in their uniforms x

    1. Oh dont they just Louise!They grow way to fast in my opinion!And Im glad yours splash in their uniforms too :-)

  2. This is an awesome post! I loved reading it and smiled the whole time. It makes me think of my youngest, who is 4. He's just like your boy, runs, jumps, skips everywhere. He can't sit down, still, for long at all and is always on the go. And yes, he likes puddles too!

    You created a lasting memory that day and that's what parenting is all about. :)

    Morgan x

    1. Evening Morgan!Thank you so much for your lovely comment.Hearing about your boy made me smile,treasure him as sooner or later he will probably slow down...slightly!Even at 16 I still see flashes of my 'bit of a lad kid' sometimes!He's doing A-Levels now and studies real hard but he also still skateboards and is still 'fast' and I have a mother smile when I see his old traits are still there!

  3. Firstly thank you for your super kind words on your post! i really appreciate your words and i m sending massive cyber hugs :-)

    Secondly OMG i would of been with him in there (although i am a kid at heart still) how fantastic that the puddles reappear and you get to relive that lovely memory

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments :-)

    1. Evening Jaime!The puddles do still have the capacity to make me smile,as I remember that lad n' a half of mine!

  4. Haha but were they muddy - or has he since done muddy puddles?
    What a great story.

    1. Hello Pinks,actually I think the puddles were muddy ones! :-)All power to muddy puddles!And to lively kids everywhere! X

  5. My baby turned 18 today, so can relate to them growing up quickly.

    1. Dont they just grow so fast Angela!As someone once wrote 'the days are long but the years are short'Hope your son had a great birthday :-)

  6. That's such a lovely story x

    1. Thank you :-) To this day I still smile at my puddle jumping boy! X

  7. Hi Jess,

    Lovely post. I'm afraid I am paranoid about the school uniform (on basis that I had to take out a second mortgage for the blazer, which is annoyingly dry-clean only) but am with you in principle! I recall time I rolled in a ditch in my best dress and was grounded.....and try to let J let off his excess energy.

    You are so right, we should embrace the fire in their bellies. I love it that you have that memory every time you look at the field. And I'll try to be a bit more laid back on our walks home!

  8. Morning Sarah,sorry for my late reply,only took me only a week to get back to you but hey ho here Iam.
    I can see exactly what you mean about being protective about a blazer,now they are serious money arent they!Only one of my boys ever wore a blazer and I loved it,he looked so smart.Im not sure how much he loved it though!The school then changed its uniform policy and now the comp just has a jumper,I preferred the blazer but the wouldnt want kids rolling about in muddy puddles in a blazer for sure!
    I do honestly see time passing so quickly though and I really feel,for me,the need to let my kids express themselves in age appropriate ways as I know these ways wont last for long and then I will look back and want to see that running,jumping child again.Not everybody wants to see their child getting muddy and mucky though and I do understand that,Im just ultra laid back I guess and I have 'a bit of a lad' :-)
    Thanks for commenting lv Jess xx