Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Musings

Today was a most unusual bank holiday....we had sun!

Since when has that happened lately!

We had a nice drifty start to the day,just me and Chips finishing our latest mystery book.

And blow me down,Chips got the villain right! And seriously I thought I had it in the bag! I was wrong!And the look on Chips face was magic....I guess....a sort of 'I was right,you were wrong kind of look. Next time Chips I will be right!I must up my game!

We are on a new mystery book now,only thirteen more to read!

The morning drifted on,washing was done,breakfast was scoffed and the day rolled along nicely.

Chips played outside on his scooter and then managed to get his football totally entangled in my white washing!

We went out to Cresswell Crags for the afternoon and had a lovely stroll around the lake.

After all the walking,running and clambering up and down the hills we went to McDonald's and then ended the day by relaxing at home.

We started a new mystery book at bedtime and apart from me frantically searching for the missing apron tonight,it has been quite a relaxed day.

Let's hope the sun stays with us for the foreseeable future,a bit of sun seems to perk us all up.


  1. The weather was just amazing for a Bank Holiday - have to make the most of it while it lasts. Rain again today!

    1. Hello Izzie,sorry for the late reply!I cant believe what a change in weather we have had this week!That beautiful bank holiday sun and now its just bleurgh!Grr!