Wednesday, October 30, 2013

 Spooky Happenings
Right settle down now,I'm going to tell you a ghost story,
A real life ghost story. 
How do I know it's true...? 
Because it happened to me,yes it really did. So get yourself comfy and see what you think...are there such things as may choose to think differently,it won't sway me,I know what I saw that day...

It was a bright,sunny August afternoon,about three years ago,Chips and I had gone down to visit my mum.

My mum and dad still live at my childhood home. It's a terraced house built in,actually I'm not sure when it was built but it's pretty old.

Chips had settled down infront of the tv in the front room and my mum and me were sat around the table chatting and during the conversation my mum mentioned that my brother and his family were popping down later.

After a while I went to sit in the comfortable chair in the corner of the room and my mum stayed at the table.

Next to the chair is a window and as I was sat talking I noticed a shape outside. It walked from our neighbours wall over to my mums front door.It was really quick. I immediately thought it was my brother but I couldn't understand how I hadn't seen him walk down the yard and I couldn't understand how he had walked across the bottom of the yard at such pace. It didn't make sense. There wasn't enough space to walk that fast from just the wall. It puzzled me, so I pulled back the net curtains and the shape disappeared straight through the door.

I couldn't quite comprehend what I'd seen.

There was nothing there.

But there had been. I know that.

And so did my mum.

She sat looking at me.

She said "Is it A ( my brother) "

And I said "No"

She then asked what I'd seen,it was that obvious that I had seen something and as I told her she nodded. Apparently,in the past, she had also seen things at the door too.

It was a weird,weird feeling. I know I did see the shape of a person walk across the yard. The shape walked it didn't just drift,it wasn't a movement like a object being blown across the yard,it was a proper walking motion that I saw.

So,what was it or more to the point who was it?

It certainly made a very warm Summers day turn suddenly very cold.

I was inspired to write this after reading this tale from Helen at All At Sea take a look at her spooky encounter with a ghost.

So over to you...has anybody else had anything spooky happen to them.I bet theres loads of people who can remember something slightly ghostie from their pasts. If so leave a comment and let me the spookiest time of the year lets swap ghost stories


  1. Oh how spooky! I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts but you tell a very convincing tale....

    1. I have always believed in the spookier side of life,at times I wished that I didnt!I'm much too spookity,I jump at my own shadow!But this did honestly happen to me and it WAS spooky! The movement was just too quick to have come from the directons it did and the house next door was empty....its previous owner had died...I jest you not :-)

  2. Oh that's errie I'd love to hear your mum's stories too. I absolutely believe in ghosts. They frighten me, but I certainly believe they are real. Thanks for linking to my post x

    1. My thoughts exactly! I don't particularly like to believe in ghosts,as I can get quite spooked but I DO believe in things that go bump in the night....
      I will ask my mum just what shes come across...soon I will be a jumpity mess of nerves!

  3. Cool! Good ryhming too - I wish I could be so creative. It's a good thing your mother saw it too, so you couldn't second guess yourself.

    1. I think if my mum had not reacted in the way she did I would have thought I was seeing things.It was her reaction which made me realise just what had happened. Spooky indeed!.

  4. Oh spooky. I once saw a ghost too I think but then you wonder if its your imagination. Popping over from the Post Comment Love link up. xx

    1. You do always wonder if it was your imagination! I think its the reactions of others around at the same time that make you realise that 'something' has just happened. Spooky,spooky,spooky! :-)

  5. That is REALLY scary. I've always been scared of seeing ghosts and am sure I might have experienced the feeling of one without seeing it - thank goodness. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x