Monday, May 6, 2013

Five Days

So I have had five days off work,the way I feel I could do with fifty five days off or 155 days off or even more,I'm sure you get the picture,I need a rest.

Things are changing all around me and I'm not settled,I'm tired out and doing normal everyday stuff takes a massive amount of effort.

As written here I'm balancing all this with eating copious amount of biscuits and going to bed early,unfortunately I'm up early too so I'm still tired out and yet another day rolls by in the same fashion.

But these five days have not been all bad,far from it.The lull has given us chance to rest up and in this world of hectic busyness this might not be such a bad thing.

Chips has had a great time watching motogp and judging by the facts he can repeat to me he has taken a lot in and really enjoyed himself.

Sharky has been out all over with his mates and he is still persisting with that board,grrrr!
He informs me that it's been a month since he has been skateboarding.He has got bruises everywhere and cuts,grazes and scars too.I ask myself why do boys like war wounds so much?!?
Hmmm,when all is said and done though there are a lot worse things a teen could be doing.

Tiger has been zipping around in his car,he took Chips to Morrison's today and Chips was delighted to go with him,especially when he came back with a diarylea lunchable courtesy of his big brother.

The weather has been good,no rain on a bank holiday!That's unheard of! This has meant the washing line has been full every day,nice clean clothes,if only they would put themselves away I'd be on a winner!

Perhaps resting up is just what we all need.

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