Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Miss You
I'm missing you middle son!

Kinda got used to having you here at this time of day.

Walking into a noise filled room,all that stuff I call 'rubbish' blaring out from the tv ~ what have we been through lately...Top Gear,Pawn Stars and now that show where literally every minute in a sing song voice they yelp out 'meeeeen' 

Ouch it drives me crazy and you know it!
You will grin every time they sing it and I will scowl and perhaps have a mumble under my breath,something like ''Why,Why,Why do they have to keep singing meeeeen. and I'll get all wound up and throw my arms around in a mad flapping way and you will just grin and wait for the next time meeeen rings out and then you'll glance my way and grin again!

It drives me mad and we both know it but without it the house is too quiet now.

I will be tired from working and you will look at me and I know you want a cuppa and I will go and make you one.If I don't make you one you will not bother to have a drink.

I've questioned this,the fact that you can't be bothered to make yourself a drink but you will willingly gulp down any number of cups of tea I pass over to you and goodness forbid that you may make me a lunch time drink!

But I miss making you a drink when you're not here,it's too quiet without you.

You occupy the corner of the settee.You say it's your corner. And as the day progresses the area around your corner starts to resemble a tip.
Cups with tea at the bottom are placed on the fireplace,big bottles of fizzy pop are stood next to the settee,a guitar is propped up next to the fireplace.There could be any number of empty junky containers spread around the close vicinity of your corner,yogurt pots,cheese string wrappers,crisp packets,paper bags that have held sweeties in them,oh and of course Monster cans,that is a signature item of yours.

But without this clutter your corner seems bare and I don't like it.

There are no signs of dinner stuff,no microwave sausages,no bacon,no frying pans out,no pot noodle pots lying around,all the junk that teens call food
The iron isn't left out either.

Infact it's tidy....nothing's left out.

There are no shoes under the kitchen radiator,no papers and workbooks on the settee,no signs of you.

It wasn't always like this,you used to stay at school all day but when you went to sixth form that all changed and you started to come home for dinner.

And that changed my whole routine,no longer did I wander up to Morrisons on a daily basis,nope, I liked coming home to see you.The shopping didn't get done but you were always more important than shopping 

Now I just shop once a week,it's better for me,more time in the house and I think overall I spend less.

Win/Win I'd say.

Tomorrow it will be back to normal and you will be back home for dinner and I will be glad because it's just too quiet without you here.

Miss you boy x

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